Hawke Optics Debuts Airmax 30WA SF Riflescope Line

posted on September 8, 2021
Need some new glass for your airgun, but having trouble finding something that can withstand the destructive two-direction recoil of an air rifle? Check out the Airmax 30WA SF line of scopes, from Hawke Optics.

“Air rifles have come so far in terms of speed, technology, craftsmanship and purpose,” said Kevin Sheehan, V.P. of sales and marketing for Hawke Optics. “We worked with air rifle specialists who demand absolute perfection from their equipment when we developed the latest series of Airmax optics, and the new Airmax WA SF scopes fill the needs of many air rifle shooters, whether they are plinking at targets in the backyard, shooting in competition, or hunting game animals. We took the development of these scopes seriously, because these shooters demand that high level of dedication to accuracy.”

Airmax 30WA SF scopes are built on a one-piece aluminum 30mm chassis. They have Side Focus parallax adjustment that can focus down to 10 yards and have additional Side Focus wheels supplied in the box. The adjustable red-illumination rheostat is now positioned on the end of the side focus turret, instead of the ocular bell, making attachment of night vision add-ons easier. The illumination has six brightness levels with off positions in between, allowing for visibility and versatility in any lighting condition. These second focal plane scopes feature Hawke’s H2 Optics system with 16 layer fully multi-coated lenses, fast-focus eyebells, capped target turrets and on adjustable power models, a high-torque zoom ring. Most importantly, of course, the scopes can handle the brutal recoil produced by air rifles and remain on target.

AMX Reticle
AMX IR Reticle

Within, the scopes have the AMX IR glass-etched reticle, which is based on a MIL-dot reticle but calibrated specifically for air rifles. The AMX IR offers multiple aim points, with Half-MIL Dot spacing on the lower post that yields additional aiming points as the range opens up. The horizontal bars are positioned at 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 MIL spacing. Hollow posts are segmented into MIL spacing, and can be used for bracketing. The MIL-spaced reticle and 1⁄10 MIL turrets make for easy point of aim adjustment with resettable target turrets for rapid return to zero.

There are four models in the lineup including the straight 10-power Airmax WA SF 10X-44mm, with a field of view of 12 feet at 100 yards. The Airmax WA SF 4X-16X-50mm has a field of view of 30.7-7.7 ft. at 100 yards. Likewise, the 6X-24X-50mm has a 20.3-5.1 ft. field of view at 100 yards, and the 8X-32X-50mm Airmax WA SF scope has a field of view of 16.1-4 ft. at 100 yards. Each model has wide angle optics with four inches of eye relief. They come with a four-inch sun shade, a four-inch side wheel and metal, and flip-up covers. 

For more information, please visit hawkeoptics.comMSRP: $499-589


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