First Look: Savage TIMBER Series Rimfire Rifles

posted on April 17, 2024
Savage TIMBER Series Rimfire Rifles Lead

Savage Arms has introduced its new TIMBER Series—a new line of precision-engineered rimfire rifles.

Offered in bolt-action and semi-automatic, the TIMBER Series includes three new rimfires: the TIMBER Thumbhole, TIMBERLite Thumbhole and TIMBERLite. Each is available in the bolt-action B-Series as well as .22 LR semi-automatic A-Series and a variety of caliber options including: .22 LR, .17 HMR and .22 WMR. The TIMBER Series offers shooters features like a 20-MOA Picatinny rail, a 10-round rotary magazine, a barrel threaded with cap for ½-28 and thread-in head spacing.

“This new TIMBER series is perfect for every Savage shooter from seasoned marksmen to newcomers just getting their start,” said Savage Arms’ rimfire product manager Brett McKenna. “The three available lines provide users with options to match their preference, whether that is a classic wood stock or a lightweight option that does not compromise durability. The TIMBER Series promises an unparalleled shooting experience, we’re thrilled to finally announce this extension to the Savage line.”

Savage TIMBER Thumbhole rifle.

The TIMBER Thumbhole combines precision with elegance, featuring a wood ambidextrous thumbhole stock. With a 2.5- to 6-pound user-adjustable AccuTrigger and two sling studs, this series is crafted for those who demand both performance and aesthetics.

Savage TIMBERLite rifle.

The TIMBERLite blends tradition and innovation. With a CarbonWood Laminate Stock and carbon-fiber-wrapped stainless steel barrel, the TIMBERLite rifles are 40 percent lighter than wood and weigh in at 5.1 pounds. The fusion of cutting-edge materials ensures reduced weight, enhancing portability and maneuverability without sacrificing structural integrity. With a 1.5- to 4-pound user-adjustable AccuTrigger and three sling studs, users experience unparalleled accuracy and comfort with these meticulously designed, lightweight rifles.

Savage TIMBERLite Thumbhole rifle.

The TIMBERLite Thumbhole combines the elegance and ergonomics of the TIMBER Thumbhole rifles with the reduced weight and comfortability of the TIMBERLite models. Weighing 5.3 pounds, the TIMBERLite Thumbhole models feature a 2.5- to 6-pound user-adjustable AccuTrigger and two sling studs. The TIMBERLite Thumbhole offers Savage customers an accurate and well-designed dual-use firearm. With a setup that can be used at a bench and a lighter weight that’s optimal for taking out on a hunt, this rimfire is built for both target shooting and hunting.

Part No. / Description / MSRP
• 70217 / 22 LR B-Series TIMBER Thumbhole / $499
• 70817 / 17 HMR B-Series TIMBER Thumbhole / $499
• 70517 / 22 WMR B-Series TIMBER Thumbhole / $499
• 47247 / 22 LR A-Series TIMBER Thumbhole / $478
• 70218 / 22 LR B-Series TIMBERLite Thumbhole / $600
• 70818 / 17 HMR B-Series TIMBERLite Thumbhole / $600
• 70518 / 22 WMR B-Series TIMBERLite Thumbhole / $600
• 47253 / 22 LR A-Series TIMBERLite Thumbhole / $555
• 70219 / 22 LR B-Series TIMBERLite / $989
• 70819 / 17 HMR B-Series TIMBERLite / $989
• 70519 / 22 WMR B-Series TIMBERLite / $989
• 47255 / 22 LR A-Series TIMBERLite / $1030

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