First Look: Nukem Hunting Run and Gun Blind

posted on December 20, 2022
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The Nukem Hunting has partnered with Mossy Oak to offer "Run and Gun" blinds in Bottomland and Obsession patterns. This portable hunting blind allows hunters to move quickly and silently through the woods, weighing in at less than four pounds, with a foldable and stake-free construction.

Run and Gun Ground Blind in Mossy Oak Obsession

"Nukem Hunting Blinds were developed to create a blind like no other on the market for hunters who like to go where the action is. We are ecstatic to have a brand such as Mossy Oak on our blinds so we can offer the best blind in the best patterns for hunters," said Pat Newcomb, president of Nukem Hunting.

Run and Gun in blind bag

Nukem portable hunting blinds come in two sizes: one for hunting from the ground and the other to accommodate a chair. The window height adjusts based on the width of the blind, so no matter what age or size, hunters can set the blind to be able to see their surrounding

For more information, check out nukemhunting.comMSRP: $109-$129.99


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