First Look: HEVI-Shot HEVI-Hammer Waterfowl Ammo

posted on November 20, 2023
HEVI Shot HEVI Hammer Waterfowl Ammo Lead

HEVI-Shot adds a new load to its HEVI-Hammer Waterfowl shotshell lineup: a 12-gauge, 1½-ounce, 3½inch, shot size No. 2 with a muzzle velocity of 1500 fps. With this new load, HEVI-Shot’s HEVI-Hammer Waterfowl product line now consists of six offerings: four 12-gauge and two 20-gauge.

HEVI-Hammer loads consist of layered bismuth pellets (15 percent of the payload) over steel pellets (85 percent). Stacked bismuth (15 percent) over steel (85 percent) payloads deliver more clean kills at longer ranges compared to straight steel payloads. According to HEVI-Shot, HEVI-Bismuth pellets deliver 38 percent more lethal yardage over steel with No. 2 and 3 shot and 41-percent more with No. 4. These design elements give hunters more range with added density, tighter patterns and improved shot strings.

HEVI-Shot HEVI-Hammer Waterfowl shot shell cutaway.

“Go big or go home,” said HEVI-Shot product manager Scott Turner. “We took our top-selling 3-inch loads in our HEVI-Hammer Waterfowl line and stretched them out to have heavier payloads and blistering velocities. The new 3½-inch load is absolutely devastating on snow geese and other high-flying waterfowl targets.

The new HEVI-Hammer Waterfowl load has an MSRP of $43.99 per 25-round box.  For more information, visit


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