First Look: Bear Archery Launches Adapt Hunting Bow

posted on July 18, 2022
Adapt Main

Bear Archery in collaboration with The Hunting Public, has introduced the Adapt, a solo-cam hunting bow designed to deliver performance, comfort, and durability. A premium single-cam bow, the Adapt is tunable, with a smooth and forgiving draw cycle.

“Bear Archery and The Hunting Public are two industry leaders that complement each other in so many ways.” Said Alec Wyman, Bear Archery marketing manager. “The Hunting Public’s idea to develop a Bear bow that suits their widely accepted and growing public land hunting style was one our team wasted no time bringing to life.”

ADapt Upper limb

The Hunting Public deliberately chose a 32-inch axle-to-axle and 6.5-inch brace height as a middle ground for ease of handling in tight spaces. The single-cam design features an 80-percent let off and ships with an optional limb stop for a rock-hard back wall. The Adapt offers a comfortable draw cycle and can accommodate draw lengths from 24-31 inches. To further deliver upon its claim of superior comfort and durability, the Adapt comes with an all-new molded, soft-touch, low wrist grip labeled the Bear Paw—a nod to Bear Archery’s famed bow grip from the 1970’s. The bow’s easily tune cam system sacrifices little on the speed front, bringing arrow speeds up to 320 FPS IBO.

Adapt Top

“First - we wanted a bow that was easy to tune. Bowhunters like shooting a variety of broadhead and arrow combinations and the ADAPT was designed to easily tune with most of them.” Said Aaron Warbritton, host of the Hunting Public. “Second – the bow needed to be accurate and forgiving to shoot. The average whitetail hunter is taking close range shots in dynamic hunting situations. We wanted the bow to be dependable and forgiving in these ever-changing scenarios. These two points in turn lead us to the name, "ADAPT". The ADAPT draws easily with a solid back wall making it perfect for unpredictable hunting positions like crouching on the ground or hanging from a saddle. This bow was made to hunt and that's exactly what we intend to do with it."

Adapt Lower Limb

The 2023 Adapt will be available at Bear Archery authorized dealers beginning July 18, 2022, and online as a bow-only option in both 45-60 pound and 55-70 pound limb weights. Ready to Hunt (RTH) variants will be offered later this fall for those looking to add a Trophy Ridge sight, rest, stabilizer, quiver, no-tie tube peep, and D-loop to the bow. The bow only version will be available solely in a Throwback Tan finish which is composed of a dessert tan riser and Fred Bear camo limbs. The Ready to Hunt models will be available in TrueTimber Strata, Throwback Tan, Veil Whitetail, and solid Olive. For more information, visit MSRP: Bow Only: $459.99; RTH: $559.99


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