Fireside Remedies for The Offseason Blues

posted on January 30, 2017

Dawn of American Deer Hunting
There is perhaps no better time than the end of hunting season to journey back through the origins of hunting “America’s deer” with this collection of vintage photos that tells a story as unique as it is nostalgic. Whitetails, after all, have provided the builders of this great nation with food, clothing and economic wealth since Colonial days. By Duncan Dobie; MSRP: $29.99.

Chesapeake Bay Duck Hunting Tales
Gleaned from more than 40 years of hunting the historic Chesapeake Bay, this collection of tales provides a firsthand glimpse of the “then and now” of waterfowling. It’s a read that, despite where your home waters lie, should keep the fire of falling feathers burning bright until the season returns. By C.L. Marshall; MSRP: $21.99.

Green Hills of Africa
This epic work from one of the finest authors of the 20th century has been re-released in an edition that includes not only the original memoir of Hemingway’s 1933 safari through East Africa, but additional content such as the safari journal of his second wife, Pauline. By Ernest Hemingway; MSRP: $30.

The Lost Woods
This collection of 15 short stories explores the ties between multiple generations of hunters forged through the pursuit of game in a changing land. Though fictional, each piece tells of the deep and very real connection to place that hunters find afield and strive to protect against the advancement of time. By H. William Rice. MSRP: $24.99.

Thompson Cigars
If the dark cherry finish on the Churchill 125 Humidor from Thompson Cigar isn’t rich enough for you, fill it with stogies from one of the company’s many available sampler packs and you’ll soon be as satisfied as you were after taking that fabulous 6x6 bull elk. MSRP: $142.

American Barrels Bourbon Whiskey
This small-batch bourbon with a sweet and oaky taste was created with the patriot in mind. The bottom of the bottle is encased in a brass-like shotshell base while the top half features the Gadsden flag snake wrapped around its diameter. Let freedom pour in the offseason. MSRP: $29.99.

NRA Wine Club
Take an opportunity to experience the hidden vineyards you may only find by sheer luck anywhere else. Choose red, white or a combination, and receive two bottles every month, selected by wine experts for you to enjoy while telling your own tales by the fire. MSRP: $29.99 per month.


Terror On The Kenai Lead
Terror On The Kenai Lead

Lessons Learned from a Grizzly Bear Attack on the Kenai

In November 2012, Blake Gettys was tending his trap line in Alaska when a grizzly attacked him. Now, the victim and his storyteller examine the event in detail to determine what, if anything, could have gone better.

Effective Hand Calls for Predator Hunting

Hand calls shouldn’t be relegated to the dust bin just yet. Unlike an electronic call, a couple of calls around your neck provide an inexpensive, lightweight and simple-to-master orchestra of sounds on a predator hunt.

Nebraska: A Mountain Lion on the Eighth Green

The appearance of a cougar on a Nebraska golf course during a high school tournament focuses attention on activists who have prevented earnest hunting seasons for the big cats as their numbers grow.

#SundayGunday: Smith & Wesson Model 69 Combat Magnum

Get a closer look at the Smith & Wesson Model 69 Combat Magnum, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series.

Member’s Hunt: Double Bucket List Cape Buffalo

This latest Member's Hunt comes from Ellis Brown of Fort Collins, Colo.

Review: Leupold BX-4 Range HD TBR/W

The BX-4 Range HD is an ideal choice for hunters that want great rangefinding performance, practical and accurate ballistic corrections, solid optical performance and rugged durability.


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