Federal Premium Launches Edge TLR

posted on January 19, 2017

Federal continues its advancements in bullet and ammunition technology with the release of the Edge TLR ammunition. Using a polymer-tipped, boat tail bullet, with a small lead core at the front, the TLR bullet has shown to give consistent expansion at distances out to 900 yards, and while that is an extreme distance for a hunting bullet, it’s nice to know that even at lower velocities you’ll get good performance.

The smaller lead core is chemically bonded to the thick copper shank, so should you have an up-close shot present itself, you know that bullet will hang together, even if tough shoulder bones are struck. The higher Ballistic Coefficient of the coated, sleek projectiles will definitely resist wind deflection and keep trajectories as flat as possible.

Offered in .30 caliber—at least initially—the TLR will certainly get the job done on elk, moose and bears, as well as making a good choice for the deer species across our continent; I wouldn’t hesitate to take this load to Africa for any species of plains game, including eland. Federal has always been at the forefront of premium ammunition, and the Edge TLR is no exception.

For more information, go to FederalPremium.com.


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