Best New Shotguns for 2024

posted on January 30, 2024
Best New Shotguns SHOT Show 2024 Lead

A sizeable portion of the new firearms launched at SHOT Show in Las Vegas each year are shotguns, and tracking down all the new scatterguns in the miles of aisles can be a challenge. We’ve made it a mission at American Hunter to track down the best new shotguns on display at the show each year, and there is a lot to be excited about for 2024. As the days grow longer and the weather warms we’re reminded that it will soon be time to get back outside, and whether your outdoor activities lead you to the turkey woods, a blind in a marsh, across upland fields, a clay target course (or some combination of those), we’ve got a full listing of the new shotguns that will help you make the most of your time outdoors. Here’s our list of the best new shotguns from SHOT Show.

Benelli Montefeltro Ultra Light shotgun.

Benelli Montefeltro Ultra Light
Heavy shotguns can wear down a hunter during long hikes in upland country, but the new Montefeltro Ultra Light is the perfect tool for those long days afield. The 12 and 20-gauge Montefeltro Ultra Lights sport 26- and 24-inch barrels (respectively) with carbon fiber ribs and lightweight anodized aluminum receiver. This results in minimal mass and a reduced overall length while still retaining a balanced between-the-hands. Like other Benelli guns, the Montefeltro Ultra Light utilizes the Inertia-Driven system Benelli pioneered, and that means that these guns run smoothly with a broad range of shells. Inertia-Driven guns are also not difficult to maintain; with so few moving parts and no internal gas system cleaning these guns takes a matter of minutes. The satin finish AA walnut stock is beautiful, and since it is treated with Benelli’s WeatherCoat finish, it stands up better than competing stocks against the abuses of daily use. The gloss finish receiver also receives a WeatherCoat treatment, and CRIO chokes come standard. Weight is just 6.3 pounds for the 12-gauge version and 5.3-pounds for the 20-gauge. If you need a fast-handling gun for the grouse woods or a lightweight autoloader for hard days spent hunting chukars, huns and wild pheasants, this is a superb option. MSRP: $1,949;

Browning A5 Hunter 20-Gauge shotgun.

Browning A5 Hunter 20-Gauge
Normally adding a new gauge to an existing shotgun lineup doesn’t warrant major attention, but the arrival of the A5 Hunter 20-Gauge is an exception. When Browning resurrected the A5 shotgun in 2014, shooters immediately began clamoring for a 20-gauge version. Two years later, Browning did indeed offer a smaller A5, but it was a 16-gauge, and since that time, A5 fans have been appealing to the company for a 20-gauge A5 and voicing their disappointment online. You can settle your typing fingers, Browning fans, because your 20-gauge is here.

The A5 20-gauge shares the same operating system as the 12- and 16-gauge versions. Known as Kinematic Drive, this system doesn’t use a traditional gas system and instead uses inertia to operate the action. The beauty of the inertia-operated Kinematic Drive system is in its simplicity; gases are ushered out of the barrel and not through a port/piston setup where fouling can build and very few moving parts means minimal maintenance. The distinct “humpback” profile remains, and there’s a practical side to this signature design element of the A5. The squared-off receiver adds another 30 percent to the sight radius, naturally aligning the rear sight (your eye) with the front of the muzzle for fast, instinctive shooting. Available with 26- or 28-inch barrels, the slick-handling A5 weighs in at less than 6 pounds, making it a superb field gun. MSRP: $1,979.99;

Mossberg International Eventide Turkey over under shotgun.

Mossberg International Silver Reserve Eventide Additions
Mossberg International’s Eventide series of over/unders are versatile field shotguns that are robust and attractively priced. This year there are new additions to the Eventide line, including a new 12-gauge Waterfowl version with 3½-inch chambers, a Patriot Brown Cerakote finish on the metalwork and a Mossy Oak Vintage Shadow Grass camo stock. There’s also a new 20-gauge version of the black synthetic Eventide over/under as well as a new Turkey version in 12-, 20- and 28-gauge with 20-inch barrels and Mossy Oak Greenleaf camo.

Mossberg International Eventide Turkey over under shotgun.

The Waterfowl and 20-gauge black synthetic models come with five flush-fit choke tubes while the turkey guns come with two extended turkey chokes. Affordable over/unders like the Eventide guns are great all-purpose shotguns suitable for turkey, waterfowl, upland game and clay target shooting, and the ability to quickly switch choke constrictions by swapping barrels (the barrel selector is integral with the tang safety) allows you to instantly alter your choke constriction depending on the range to the game. MSRPs range from $756 to $956—an excellent value for these hard-working double guns. MSRP: $756-$956;

Stoeger M3000 Signature shotgun.

Stoeger M3000 Signature
Stoeger celebrates 100 years in business in 2024, and to commemorate this milestone, the company is offering a new Signature version of their best-selling M3000 autoloading shotgun. The striking satin-finished nickel receiver comes with an elegant fleur-de-lis checkering pattern that looks good with the satin walnut stock and blued barrel. The controls, bolt, trigger guard and lifter are black, adding to the gun’s impressive aesthetic. But despite its striking good looks, the Stoeger M3000 Signature also comes with features that make it a shooter-friendly field gun, like a receiver that is drilled and tapped for optics, sling studs, oversized controls, drop and cast shims, and three screw-in chokes. Like other Stoeger guns, it utilizes Inertia-driven technology, and that means you can expect this gun to run reliably for thousands of rounds and cleaning is fast and easy. The black extended chokes (IC, M and XFT) are easy to swap and you can instantly determine which tube is inserted into the barrel. Stoeger has a solid reputation for building hard-working field guns, and the elegant new M3000 Signature is a fitting tribute to 100 years of firearm manufacturing. MSRP: $749;

Franchi Affinity 3 Sport Trap shotgun.

Franchi Affinity 3 Sport Trap
Franchi’s Italian-made Affinity 3 shotguns utilize Inertia-Driven technology and have a solid reputation for excellent performance in the field. This year, Franchi is adding a new sporting model to the Affinity 3 family. Known as Sport Trap, it comes in 12-gauge with a 30-inch barrel and features a black Evolved Ergonom-X stock that can be user-adjusted for drop, cast and length of pull. Combine this with the Sport Trap’s TSA recoil pad, and the new Affinity is a soft-shooting 12-gauge that’s ideal for competition, and since it is priced at $999, it’s a great option for anyone who is interested in clay games. It comes with a stepped rib and single front bead as well as interchangeable extended chokes that allow you to find the right constriction for any clay sport competition from skeet to sporting clays and trap. The Inertia-Driven design makes this a clean-running shotgun, and the lack of a gas system on the magazine tube allows for a slender, comfortable forearm. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just getting started in shotgun sports and want an ideal all-around clay target gun that won’t break the bank, the versatile Affinity 3 Sport Trap is an excellent option. But don’t let the name fool you—with its 3-inch chamber, oversized controls, beveled loading port and durable matte black stock this gun works well for upland and waterfowl hunting, too. MSRP: $999;

Pointer Case Colored over under shotgun.

Pointer Case Colored O/U and SXS
Reno, Nevada-based Legacy Sports International imports Pointer shotguns. LSI’s president Andy McCormick is an ardent bird hunter, and when McCormick places his stamp of approval on a new shotgun like the Pointer Case Colored doubles you can be certain that he’s spent plenty of time carrying them in the field himself and that they meet his high standards. The over/under is available in 12-, 20- and 28-gauges and .410-bore, and the side-by-side is available in 28-gauge and .410. The receivers of these guns come with a color-case-hardened finish that beautifully matches the walnut stock and rich bluing. Five choke tubes, chrome-lined barrels and extractors come standard on these guns, and they have the look and feel of a classic double gun at a price that is much lower than many competing guns. They’re also beautifully balanced, making them equally adept for upland hunting and trap, skeet and sporting clays shooting. They’re also quite affordable, with the over/unders starting around $500 while the side-by-side has an MSRP of $719. I’m particularly enamored with the case-colored 28-gauge side-by-side, a sweet-handling little double gun that’s extremely affordable. MSRP: $500-$719;

Benelli 828U Steel over under shotgun.

Benelli 828U Steel
Benelli’s 828U over/under has been around for almost a decade now, and while this Italian stackbarrel has won lots of fans over the years, it has only been available with a lightweight aluminum receiver. Benelli is changing that this year with the addition of the 828U Steel receiver model, which replaces the anodized aluminum receiver with a brushed grey finish. The addition of steel adds a bit of weight to the gun, but not that much (the 12-gauge version will likely weigh just over 7 pounds, while the 20-gauge weighs just over 6 pounds). The added mass will help reduce recoil impact for more comfortable shooting, and when you combine that added weight with Benelli’s Progressive Comfort stock, the new 828U Steel receiver is comfortable to shoot for a full round of sporting clays without being too heavy to carry in the field. The satin finish AA walnut stock and richly blued barrels add to this gun’s classy look, and the stock offers 40 cast and drop adjustment points, ensuring a perfect fit for fast shouldering. The steel receiver features Benelli’s patented locking design that reduces fatigue on the receiver and hinge pin and the innovative barrel-mounted ejector system is robust and durable, making this a gun that you can shoot for years and never wear out. MSRP: $3,399;

Retay Gordion Rifled Slug shotgun. 

Retay Gordion Rifled Slug
Anyone who hunts big game with shotguns will appreciate the new Gordion Rifled Slug semi-auto, which comes with a fully rifled barrel in either 12- or 20-gauge. One of the features that sets Retay’s shotguns apart from other manufacturers is that all Retay barrels are deep-bore drilled. Deep-bore drilling is a costly and complicated process, but the end result is a barrel that is perfectly straight. That’s important for any shotgun, but it’s doubly important on a rifled slug gun where precision accuracy is paramount. Gordion Rifled Slug shotguns come with cantilevered picatinny rails for mounting optics, but they also come standard with flip-up rear and fiber optic front sights. Color options include black or Mossy Oak Country DNA camo. Retay semiauto shotguns use an Inertia Plus operating system and have an excellent reputation for reliability. Shim kits are included with each of these guns so that the owner can adjust the gun to fit them, and the 20-gauge model accepts the short (12.5-inch LOP) stock that is available for $60 through Retay’s website. If you’re a slug hunter this is an outstanding gun, and like other Gordions you can expect it to be priced around $1,000. MSRP: $1,000;

Mossberg 940 Optics Ready Turkey shotgun.

Mossberg Optics Ready/Optics Package Shotguns
Centerfire rifles commonly wear optics, and most every modern centerfire pistol on the market today features an optics ready or optics-installed version. Shotguns are the next category of firearms to come OR/OI and Mossberg is leading the charge by adding an optics cut to their popular shotgun lines. Both the 500 and 835 pump guns are now available with pre-installed olive green Holosun HS407K optics, and the combo packages carry an MSRP between $844 and $895. There’s also a new 940 Pro Turkey autoloading 12-gauge shotgun that comes with a Holosun HS407K optic, 18.5-inch barrel and Mossy Oak Greenleaf camo ($1,406) and optics ready versions of their 940 Pro Waterfowl ($1,246) and 940 Pro Snow Goose ($1,323).

Mossberg 940 Optics Ready Waterfowl shotgun.

Never before has a shotgun company offered so many options for optics ready/optics installed field guns, and the 500 and 835 pumps and 940 Pro semi-auto are all robust American-made shotguns that operate reliably under tough field conditions. Mossberg has a history of advancing shotgun design (their 835 was the first 3½-inch, 12-gauge gun ever offered) and they’ve moved scatterguns into the 21st century by being the first company to offer a full line of factory shotguns with receivers that are cut for optics. MSRP: $844-$1,406;

Stoeger M3500 Predator Turkey shotgun.

Stoeger M3500 Predator/Turkey
The M3500 is the 3½-inch, 12-gauge version of Stoeger’s inertia-operated semi-auto shotguns, and this year the company is adding a Predator/Turkey version of their hard-hitting autoloader. The barrel has been shortened to 24 inches for maneuverability and faster handling, and extended MOJO choke tubes come standard with each of these guns. The stepped rib comes with a red fiber-optic bar front sight, but for those who prefer to hunt ‘yotes and turkeys with an optic-equipped scattergun, the Stoeger’s receiver is drilled and tapped. The Mossy Oak Overwatch full-dip camo pattern offers excellent concealment, and the controls are oversized which allows for easy operation with gloved hands. A paracord sling is also included for easy transport in the field and the SteadyGrip pistol grip stock allows you to maintain a firm grip on the gun and offers excellent control. You’ll need a solid anchor point when touching off 3½-inch coyote and turkey loads, but the Stoeger dense rubber recoil pad does an effective job keeping this gun settled and allowing for faster follow-up shots. This gun is a great compliment to Stoeger’s other semi-auto shotguns, and it’s a versatile tool that’s ideal for chasing gobblers in the spring and controlling predator populations in the fall and winter. MSRP: $929;


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