Advantage Hunting Whitetail Blind

posted on June 28, 2010

Although it boasts many of the same great features as Advantage Hunting's popular Deluxe Blind, the Whitetail Blind is the more economical choice for the budget-conscious hunter. But, just because it's low on cost doesn't mean it's short on quality—quite the contrary. The heavy-duty Polyethylene black shell and interior and the through-bolt design with interlocking corners make Advantage's Whitetail Blind durable and strong enough to last through years of use and abuse.

Lightweight and virtually maintenance-free, this blind is convenient to use thanks to the large hinged Polycarbonate windows that flip up and out of your way. The tinted corner viewing windows provides you with a 360 degree view. The outside hinged door with keyed locking door handle or optional trap-door-through-the-floor makes accessing this blind a breeze. Hunt from the ground or elevated. Either way, you'll be shielded from view as well as from the weather and bugs in the Advantage Whitetail Blind.


2-Person Version:
* Size: 25 Square Feet 5'-0" Wide x 5'-0" Deep x 6'-1" Tall
* Weight: 165 Pounds
* Capacity: 500 Pounds
* Door Size: Full-Size Door - 35", Wide x 55" Tall Trap Door - 25" Wide x 22" Long
* Windows: Four (4) Hinged Polycarbonate Windows 10" x 30"
* Can Be Elevated w/ SCENTite's 10' Galvanized Steel Quadpod or Quadpod Kit

4-Person Version:
* Size: 45 Square Feet 5'-0" Wide x 9'-0" Deep x 6'-1" Tall
* Weight: 275 Pounds
* Capacity: 1000 Pounds
* Door Size: Full-Size Door - 35" Wide x 55" Tall Trap Door - 25" Wide x 22" Long
* Windows: Six (6) Hinged Polycarbonate Windows 10" x 30"
* Can Be Elevated w/ SCENTite's Quadpod Kit


Maintrain + Protect Full Quality
Maintrain + Protect Full Quality

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