7 Must-Attend Seminars at the Great American Outdoor Show

posted on February 3, 2017

With so many different seminars going on at once during the Great American Outdoor Show, it’s hard to narrow the field. That said, here are a few seminars that we'd advise you to take a closer look at.

First Aid Essentials in the Field
Host: Gary Melton (Green Beret)

One of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of hunting is what we’d do if there was an accident. After all, a simple slip can end a hunt and put us in situations we never thought we’d be in. In this seminar, you’ll address medical emergencies that require quick solutions, with lifesaving medical treatment via various procedures, gear and training being the main focus. There will also serve as a preview of the brand new two-day Emergency Casualty Care Course that the NRA will be offering this year.

International Hunting: What Destination is Right for Me?/Applying for and Drawing the Highest Quality Big Game Tags in the Country
Host: Mark Peterson

These two seminars cover traveling for hunts; one international, the other domestic. In the former, speaker Mark Peterson will discuss the best game animals to hunt, processes for selecting an outfitter and locations to hit for those of us who have yet to travel abroad. In the latter, Peterson discusses the application process for hunting big game out west, including how and where to apply, each state’s point system and different ways to go about meeting your own hunting goals while on your trip.

Patterning Mature Whitetails/Hunting Whitetails in the Rut
Hosts: Bill Winke/Mike Stroff

Bill Winke will discuss how to single out a specific whitetail using trail cams, and then pattern and hunt that one buck. In “Hunting Whitetails in the Rut," Stroff will share the secrets of deciphering the rut’s phases, making you more successful in the field.

Using Hand/E-calls to become a more Successful Predator Hunter/Becoming the Ultimate Predator/Coyote Trapping Techniques
Hosts: Al Morris/Abner Druckenmiller/Alan Probst

Another set of educational seminars, all of which focus on predator hunting, with each focusing on slightly different aspects. In Morris’s seminar, calling in nature’s hunters is the emphasis. In Druckenmiller’s seminar, you’ll learn some nifty tips and tricks to hunting eastern predators. With Probst, you’ll learn how to trap eastern dogs if you’re new, and learn some valuable tricks if you’re a more experienced trapper.

The Gobblers Will Walk the Walk, When You Talk the Talk
Host: Ken Hammel

Ken Hammel will teach you the ins and outs of calling wild turkey’s in the spring, and will cover which calls work best, when to use each call and what types of calls can help you take a tom.

The Four Rules of Waterfowl Hunting that Can Make You Successful
Host: Field Hudnall

After hunting waterfowl for nearly three decades in 30 different states, as well as four provinces in Canada, Hudnall has created four rules of waterfowl hunting that will help better your odds every time you go out.

Long Range Hunting and Shooting Principles
Host: Cole McCulloch

Long-range hunting has taken the industry by storm, a each year more and more rifles and bullets are manufactured exclusively with long-range applications in mind. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this seminar offers a rundown on what technology and set ups will help you make longer shots with a rifle. The seminar will also include information about the new NRA Outdoors Long Range schools coming this year.

For more information, go to GreatAmericanOutdoorShow.org.


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