2016 Women's Innovation Product of the Year: Mathews Chill SDX

posted on May 10, 2016

“Best in class” just about says it all. It announces to the world that you stand head and shoulders above your peers. To those companies whose products are featured herein, we say, “Welcome to the ‘best’ class.”

Women's Innovation Product of the Year: Mathews Chill SDX
AH Senior Editor Karen Mehall Phillips swore she’d never shoot another bow after she got the single-cam Mathews Jewel in 2012. Then came 2014, and the launch of the two-cam Chill SDX. “Now I’m a dual-cam fan,” she wrote online (“Drill the Target with Mathews’ Chill SDX for Women”). Designed for women, the compact 3.8-pounder is ideal for smaller-statured hunters who want to maximize arrow speed with a shorter-draw bow. It features Mathews’ DYAD AVS (Advanced Vectoring System), GridLock riser and Rock Mods for a solid back wall and shot consistency. It has 80 percent let-off, draw weights from 50-70 pounds and draw lengths from 22-29 inches. The AVS cam system features perimeter weighting for minimal post-shot vibration and delivers increased stored energy at the beginning of the draw cycle. Mathews’ Reverse Assist Roller Guard ensures a silky-smooth draw and decreases torque and cable tension. A 6-inch brace height offers ample forgiveness while the bow still attains an IBO speed up to 330 fps for impressive downrange energy. Wrote Mehall Phillips: “Any female bowhunter who hasn’t yet shot this bow will be quite a fan once she does!”

Editor's Note: Winning products must be tested by the editors, meet or exceed expectations on innovation, and provide hunters and shooters with value for their money. NRA Publications will present the annual Golden Bullseye Awards at an invitation-only breakfast during the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Louisville, Ky., May 20-22.


MAIN Premier Divide
MAIN Premier Divide

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