2013's Top Compound Bows, Part II

posted on March 19, 2013

In Part I of this series we examined eight other new compound bows from the top manufacturers for 2013. Here are the rest, listed alphabetically by manufacturer.

Martin Alien
This light (3½ pounds), short (32 inches axle-to-axle) split limb bowhas an IBO speed rating of 335 fps. It has a 7-inch brace height, and is designed around a CNC-machined solid-aluminum riser, Nitro 3 Hybrid Cams, X4 Twin Limbs, three VEM Vibration Vortex Modules, a Carbon Stealth STS string stop, Martin Cable Containment System, Saddleback Thermal Grip and Silent Hunter Arrow Shelf. Draw lengths are from 25½ to 30½ inches, with peak draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds, and 15 pounds of downward adjustment, are available. MSRP: $799.99

Mathews Creed
Designed around the new SimPlex Cam, Mathews says the new split-limb Creed is the smoothest-drawing single-cam bow they have created to date. It weighs just 3.85 pounds, is 30 inches axle-to-axle, has a 7-inch brace height, 80 percent let-off, and IBO speed rating of 328 fps. It can accommodate draw lengths from 26 to 30 inches, and is available with peak draw weights of 50 to 70 pounds. Also featured are a Geo Grid Lock Riser, Reverse Assist Roller Guard, Rich Walnut SlimFit Inline Grip, and Dead End String. Finish options include Lost Camo, Black and Tactical. MSRP: $999

Mission Ballistic
Measuring a short 30½ inches axle-to-axle, weighing 4.2 pounds and with a 7-inch brace height, the Ballistic gives an IBO speed rating of 330 fps thanks, in no small part, to its time-honored AVS cam system. Draw lengths range from 26 to 31 inches, with draw weights from 50 to 70 pounds. The bow also comes standard with a Zebra Hybrid sting system and Dead End string stop. It’s a solid hunting bow at a great price. MSRP: $499

Prime Impact
The Parallel Cam Technology found on all Prime bows is also found in the new Impact. As is the case with all Prime bows, the centerpiece of the 35-inch axle-to-axle Impact is its parallel cams, which distribute the load of the draw force equally on each side of the cable, virtually eliminating cam lean. This leads to incredibly reduced horizontal nock travel, which results in superb accuracy and reduced limb fatigue. In addition, the Impact’s new PCX cam helps generate an IBO speed rating of 340 fps with a 6¼-inch brace height. It also has a forged 7000 series aluminum riser, making it one of the stiffest in the industry. Also featured are C-1 Laminated Limbs, Gore Fiber string and cables, removable anti-torque grip and the TI-Glide flexible titanium cable guard system that reduces cam lean by 25 percent. Mass weight is 4½ pounds, with available draw lengths range between 26 to 30 inches and peak draw weights of 50, 60 or 70. MSRP: $949

PSE Prophecy
If you like the shootability of single-cam bows but think they are not quite fast enough for you, then you need to try the new Prophecy. PSE claims it is the fastest single-cam bow rig ever created -- and with an IBO speed rating of 340 fps, they are not talking smack. And yet, the Prophecy’s high-performance single-cam system provides a smooth draw cycle, making it very shooter friendly. Also featured are PSE’s Planar Flex riser, past parallel split limbs, B.E.S.T Raptor Grip and Backstop 2 string dampener. It has a short 6-inch brace height, measures 32 inches axle-to-axle, weighs 4.1 pounds and has 75 percent let-off. Draw lengths range from 25 to 30 inches, and peak draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds are available as well. MSRP: $699

Quest Drive
Quest has made its living off producing bows that are smooth to draw and easy to shoot well, yet fast enough for discriminating bowhunters. The new Drive, with the new Flux Cam and an IBO speed rating of 323 fps, is the company’s fastest bow to date. It measures 33 ½ inches axle-to-axle, weighs 4.3 pounds and has a 7-inch brace height. Draw lengths can be adjusted from 26 to 31 inches, and peak draw weights are 50, 60 and 70 pounds. It’s finished in Realtree AP, Jet Black or G-Fade Realtree AP. MSRP: $699

Redhead Blackout
Manufactured by BowTech/Diamond, the Blackout is sold exclusively at Bass Pro Shops and comes as a package including a 3-pin sight, Hostage arrow rest, five arrow quiver, stabilizer, string suppressors, peep sight and wrist sling. The bow features the Throttle Cam one-cam system that helps yield an IBO speed rating of 333 fps. It has a 7-inch brace height, measures 32 inches axle-to-axle, weighs 3.8 pounds and has adjustable draw lengths between 26½- and 30½-inches with draw weights up to 70 pounds. MSRP: $599

Ross XD
Good things often come in small packages, and such is the case with the Ross XD (Xtreme Devastation). It measures just 30½ inches axle-to-axle and weighs a mere 3.16 pounds. The bow has an IBO speed rating of 320 fps, 7½-inch brace height and 80 percent let-off. It’s available draw lengths range from 26 to 31 inches, and has peak draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds. It comes in either Realtree AP camouflage or Stealth Black. MSRP: $524.99


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