2013’s 15 Top New Trail Cameras

posted on January 30, 2013

The changes in trail cameras over the past decade are the stuff of Star Wars. Today’s units are smaller, lighter, have longer battery life, can take incredible high-resolution video and digital photos, and can easily swap data to computers or smart phones. Here’s a look at 15 of this year’s top new models. All these companies have several models, but we’ve selected just one to describe here. Visit their websites for more details and a look at the full product line. All companies have been listed alphabetically.

Apresys IS320: A compact unit with 5 megapixel (MP) cameras and video recorder that also has a motion sensor. 32 infrared LEDs allow nighttime operation, and it can use an SD card up to 32 gigabytes (GB). Power source is 8 AA batteries.

Barska BG11753: This unit has a 6 MP image that can be viewed on a 1 ½-inch color screen, with 28 LEDs for day and nighttime operation. It will record still pictures, multi-shot pictures, and video. It can be password protected to keep others from using your unit, a cool feature.

Big Game Treestands QuikShot: An extended battery life feature allows the recording of up to 40,000 images. It comes in a molded ABS body with built-in security cable use, has a backlit LED screen, time/date/temperature/moon phase stamp, and records daytime images in color.

Bresser 360 Degree Game Camera: This unit stands out in that it can capture an image that shows everything surrounding the unit (360 degrees), with internal software that will convert this info to a form that makes sense to you. You have to see it to fully understand how it works. Power is either 4 AA batteries or an alternative source.

Bushnell Outdoor Products Trophy Cam: This comes in four different models, but all feature 0.6 second trigger speed, 8 MP picture resolution, and it can be programmed to record images from 1-60 minutes -- but in this mode the motion sensor will still capture the image of anything that walks by.

Cuddeback Attack IR: Featuring a 0.25 trigger speed, 5 MP image resolution, video capability (clips of 10, 20, or 30 seconds can be programmed, Xenon flash, and internal memory card in case you have trouble with an SD card, it’s powered by 4 D-cell batteries. It’s also USB compatible.

Leupold RXC-1: Features the RXC Controller, which plugs into a USB jack for ease of operation and a quick image/video download process, even in the field. It takes 8 MP images and video. The RXC-2 model steps it up to 10 MP images, a longer flash range, and sound can be added to the video.

Minox DTC 600: This unit has a black IR filter, which makes the flash invisible to both critters and people. Picture resolution is 8 MP, and video clips up to 30 seconds long can be recorded. It’s also password protected.

Moultrie Game Spy LX-501R: Unit has 3 operational modes -- IR-fired game camera, time-lapse plot camera, and plot camera by day, and IR camera at night. Moultrie actually showed off 8 new cameras at this year’s trade show; all can be viewed on their website.

Primos Truth Cam 35: Four cameras were shown at the trade shows in this line, the most basic being the Truth Cam 35. It has a 45 degree field of view, 40-foot flash range, and 3 MP image resolution.

Simmons ProHunter: Unit has 7 MP image resolution, 6-month battery life, and SD card capacity of 32 GB. 1-3 images can be snapper per trigger, and video of 5-60 seconds can be taken.

Spypoint: The company offers an incredible 19 different camera models. All feature USB and TV-Out ports, auto IR adjustment, 12V auxiliary power jack, 32 GB SD card capability, shoot stills and video, and use 6 AA batteries for power. It’s an impressive array.

Stealth-Cam Professional HD Camera: The key here is the new ZX7 processor, which allows super-fast trigger speeds, long battery life, and the company’s Quick-Set technology, which allows pre-set program modes. It shoots video and stills with up to 8 MP resolution. It’s also DRONE compatible, meaning you can access images and video via a digital remote surveillance system.

Wildgame Innovations Elite 5 Lights Out: Features include 5 MP resolution, 48 IR LEDs, time-lapse and anti-blur technologies, 64 GB memory storage, a wide angle view, and video capability. The company offers several other models as well.

Wildview TK40NoGlo Digital Scouting Camera: The high definition video setting on this camera can be set for 15, 30, or 60 second filming with audio as well as either 5 or 8 MP digital pics. It also features NO-GLO night vision, which allows filming without the aid of a flash. A 32 GB SD card can be used.


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