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Counter Assault Bear Defense Combo Kit

Counter Assault Bear Defense Combo Kit

As you load up your pack and head into the backcountry, you toss in a can of bear spray, same as you always do, just in case you come across an irritated ursidae who needs some forcible coaxing. But this time, the thought brings you pause. Its great to have this sort of protection, but have you ever actually trained to use it? Would you really be able to access and deploy the cannister in a split-second, life-or-death scenario? If this sounds like a familiar worry, Counter Assault has you covered, with its combo pack of an 8.1 oz. can of bear deterrent, a belt holster, and an inert training cannister.

Containing 2-percent capsaicin and related capsaicinoids, the maximum permissible by law, Counter Assault's bear deterrent works on all bear species. The formula produces an optimal combination of spray time (seven seconds) and distance (32 feet), to dissuade dedicated attackers with a high volume, atomized blast of concentrated pepper spray. The cans are leak tested, have a four-year shelf life, and are equipped with a glow-in-the-dark safety wedge with a tie string, for low-light acquisition.

The inert cannister, meanwhile, includes no live ingredients, and thus can be safely used for practice. Set up your entire loadout at home and strap it on, then find out from where you can deploy the cannister most conveniently. Maybe its the side pockets of you pack, or your StealthGearUSA Chest Holster 2.0. Maybe its even the included belt holster. Point is, wherever that place is for you, you'll be able to use the inert cannister to find it, then safely practice accessing without the worry of deploying live material.

Learn more about this Montana-made bear spray, and the other great deterrence products Counter Assault has to offer, at counterassault.comMSRP: $62.95

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