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First Look: Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace Odor Eliminator

First Look: Wildgame Innovations ZeroTrace Odor Eliminator

Wildgame Innovations has introduced three new-for-2020 scent-elimination products, each using ZeroTrace PureION technology. The only system using said technology, PureION eliminates odors at a molecular level, by producing either positively or negatively charged ion molecules. These bond with nearby atoms to stabilize, neutrallizing particulate matter in the air. This process repeats as millions of particles are cycled through the scent-elimination unit, reducing chances of being detected in the field. 

The first of three new products using this technology is the ZeroTrace Portable Generator. Chargeable with a 110V DC adaptor, vehicle charger or USB cable, this unit can be set anywhere. Unlike the ozone produced by some air purifiers, which can be harmful in large amounts, air around a ZeroTrace is perfectly safe to breathe, so small vehicles and storage areas are not off limits. MSRP: $99.99

The second product, the ZeroTrace Trunk Unit, works off the same plasma-ion-particle technology, utilizing the portable unit to circulate air within a large trunk to eliminate all traces of odor from clothing or gear, without damaging it. While the unit can be charged in the same ways as before, this setup also includes a 110V DC detachable power cord. MSRP: $249.99

Finally, the ZeroTrace Vehicle Unit is a small plug-in, that safely reduces scent contamination as you drive. Just plug into a 12/24-volt outlet and go. MSRP: $39.99

For more information, check out wildgameinnovations.com.

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