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First Look: Capsule Game Feeders

First Look: Capsule Game Feeders

Designed to solve problems encountered when feeding in areas where both whitetail and black bears abound, Capsule Game Feeders are made for convenience and durability. When compared to the act of filling suspended pipe-leg feeders, Capsules offer easy “one-riot, one-ranger” refill operation.

Capsule’s patented, auger-driven technology lifts shelled corn and protein pellets to the dispenser, making it almost impossible for manipulating varmints to steal feed. The powerhead for each unit features an American-made motor, digital timer (5-year warranty), solar panel, and battery kit, with spin-feed hardware that’s built for bear resistance. Some units are designed to attach inside scrap truck tires (not included), to prevent hogs and larger vermin from toppling them.

An array of sizes are available, from a 55-gallon DIY Barrel Feeder kit at $399.99, to the $1,299.99 Original Deluxe Capsule Game Feeder that stores and casts 1,000 pounds of feed. For more information, check out capsulefeeders.com.

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