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New for 2020: Trijicon Ventus Laser Rangefinder

New for 2020: Trijicon Ventus Laser Rangefinder

Trijicon’s new Ventus laser rangefinder is one of the most ground-breaking devices to be launched in recent memory. A laser rangefinder that relies on a Doppler LIDAR engine, the new Ventus measures headwind, tailwind, crosswind and even vertical wind components at six different distances in front of the shooter.

Effective out to 5,000 yards, the Ventus is powered by WindPro technology and sends multiple lasers downrange to provide advanced wind mapping and range detection. The device provides wind measurements at various gates, comes with 9x magnification, and works effectively in any weather, including sleet, snow, dust and fog.

Harnessing technology that is used in aerospace industries and has military applications, Trijicon has put the power of Doppler LIDAR in a handheld, push-button device that’s easy to operate. Likewise, the Ventus can be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth technology and the Trijicon Ballistics Calculator app. Users can input specific rifle and load data into the app, and in turn they’ll get a complete ballistic solution for making the perfect shot.

It runs on two rechargeable lithium batteries for extended use in the field. Built to military standard, the device is ultra-durable and features scratch-resistant lenses that stand up to the harshest elements.

The Ventus will be available in the second-half of 2020. For more information, visit trijicon.com.

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