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Traditions Releases Crackshot XBR Arrow-Launching Rifle

Traditions Releases Crackshot XBR Arrow-Launching Rifle

Traditions Firearms has announced the introduction of its new Crackshot XBR arrow-launching rifle. The package comes with a Crackshot .22 caliber rifle with a 16.5-inch barrel and the new XBR upper, which uses a .27-caliber Traditions XBR Powerload blank to propel a 16-inch aluminum arrow at 385 fps.

The hollow, open-ended arrow loads from the muzzle and slides over an inner barrel, while the outer barrel shroud keeps it in place. Load the blank as you would a traditional break-action gun, and cock the hammer to fire. The Crackshot XBR is effective out to 70 yards with Traditions Firebolt arrows, and features a synthetic stock with two swivel studs.

The arrows, which use 1¾-inch parabolic fletching and 8-32 threaded fieldpoints and broadheads, can reach speeds of 385 fps. The rifle ships with three Firebolt arrows equipped with 100-grain field tips, and a 4X32 scope is mounted to the rifle, too.

The Crackshot XBR is available with a black synthetic, Realtree Edge or a Kryptek Highlander finish. The black synthetic model has an MSRP of $449, which the Realtree Edge and Kryptek Highlander models have an MSRP of $499. A five-arrow quiver is available for $35.49, the XBR Powerloads come in boxes of 100 for $24.95, and extra Firebolt arrows with fieldtips can be purchased in packs of six for $29.95.

For more information on the new Traditions Crackshot XBR, visit traditionsfirearms.com.

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