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New for 2019: Kimber Rapide 10mm

New for 2019: Kimber Rapide 10mm

Another satisfying line extension from Kimber, the new Rapide isn’t a purpose-built hunting handgun, but for the person who loves 1911s, craves a 10mm handgun and wants to hunt with it, this is your Huckleberry.

Built with Kimber-style quality and attention to detail, the Rapide sports gnarly G10 grips, lightening cutouts in the slide that speed up cycle time and a 5-inch barrel. Metal is all stainless and covered with black KimPro II coating, except for the slide and barrel which sport a fancy gold-colored titanium nitride coating.

Hunt deer in the deep South, fish the salmon creeks of the far north, stalk mule deer in the desert or hunt sheds in the grizzly-crowded terrain of western Wyoming. Wherever you are, this pistol has you covered. The Tru-Glo TFX Pro Day Night sights are a nice touch for the adventurer hiking dim trails in bear country. Magazine capacity is eight, the scales tip at 38 ounces, and MSRP is $1,490.

For more information, visit kimberamerica.com.

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