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Know-How: Crossbow Hacks

Know-How: Crossbow Hacks

Attach a Possibles Bag
Like muzzleloaders, crossbows require several items that can spell fiasco if you forget them. So add them to a possibles pouch, and attach the pouch directly to your crossbow so you’ll always have them. On crossbows without a raised comb, purchase a removable cheekpiece, like one from Blackhawk, that has a zippered pocket. The added comfort and accuracy it provides by aligning your eye with the scope consistently is more than a bonus. If your crossbow already has a raised comb, simply tape a small pouch to the side of the buttstock.

While most men can cock a crossbow with their bare hands while standing near the truck, it’s a different ballgame while perched in a tiny treestand and shivering. Therefore a rope cocker is a necessity, so into the possibles pouch it goes. Next, toss a field point in there. It’s handy for unloading your crossbow after the hunt so you don’t have to ruin a broadhead or waste a spot on your quiver for a field-tipped arrow. Just swap a broadhead for the field point, shoot the arrow into a target, and then return the field point to the pouch. ChapStik is handy because it doubles as string lube. Add a knife, flashlight and TP if you want to get crazy.

Make a Dope Chart
Because arrows drop much faster than bullets, it’s important to know your arrow drops out to your maximum range, and how they correspond to your scope’s reticle. So, slap a piece of duct tape on your crossbow’s stock then, with a Sharpie, draw your scope’s reticle on it and list the crosshairs’ corresponding ranges off to the side. In the heat of the moment when you’ve got 160-inch antlers on your brain, you’ll be glad you did.  


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