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Must-Have Bowfishing Tackle

Must-Have Bowfishing Tackle

Editor's note: Field Editor Jeff Johnston and Executive Editor Adam Heggenstaller recently had the chance to put some of the following gear to test during their own bowfishing adventure. You can catch up on that story here.

“I recommend compact, no-letoff compound bows designed for bowfishing, such as PSE’s Mudd Dog or Discovery,” advises Capt. Bob Wetherald. “Their smooth draw cycles promote fast and intuitive shooting. We prefer AMS Retriever Pro reels over closed-faced [spin-cast] reels due to the safety aspects of not having to push the line release button prior to each shot.”

PSE offers these bows in kits that provide everything you need to get started. The Discovery kit costs around $300. Along with reels, AMS also supplies fish hunters with arrows and barbed points; it never hurts to have a spare or two. 

Fish hunting is at minimum a two-person sport, while three is ideal. One person should steer the boat and/or work the spotlight while another person shoots. For night hunts, a spotlight and a headlamp for each person are a must. A Thermacell unit, such as the rubber-armored MR450, to ward off flying insects is also recommended.

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