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Trail Camera Footage: Black Bear Catches Wild Hog

Editor's Note: The embedded video could be considered somewhat graphic.

Nature can be a cruel, unforgiving place—especially if you're a few steps down the food chain. That was the case for at least one wild pig in California. In a trail cam video recorded at the Tejon Ranch Conservancy and then shared on YouTube, a hungry black bear is able to catch up to capture a squealing piglet. The bear is eventually run off camera by the lead sow, which came charging back upon hearing the piglet's cries.

According to its YouTube description, the video was recorded by Tejon Ranch Conservancy biologist Ben Teton as part of a long-term study of invasive wild pigs and their impacts on the ecology of the ranch. In the footage provided, the bear, which Teton identifies as a young female, attacks a sounder of pigs. The unlucky piglet immediately begins squealing, prompting the return of the sow. Whether or not the larger hog's attempted rescue wound up being successful is unknown.

You can watch the encounter using the video embedded above. It's a big graphic, for the record.

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