Video: Thieving Bear Steals Hunter's Deer

posted on November 29, 2017

On Nov. 16, in Alcona County, Michigan, John Wardynski posted a video to Facebook with the introduction, “Have you ever heard of a Michigan black bear dragging a whitetail deer away? Here's my iPhone video showing my bear encounter.”

After shooting a 6-point buck, Wardynski was following the blood trail when he noticed a bear walking parallel to him about 20 yards away.

According to Wardynski’s post, he initially “Thought it was pretty cool to see a bear that close,” but after discovering the bear’s intent was to snag his downed deer, he was far more concerned. Wardynski made as much noise as he could to discourage the bear, but the would-be thief continued toward the buck. Knowing this wasn’t a fight he wanted to pick, Wardynski backed off.

Upon witnessing the bear attempt to walk off with his deer, Wardynski tried one last time to deter the thievery. The bear, now very aware of Wardynski’s presence, had apparently claimed the deer as his own and decided Wardynski needed to go. As the bear advanced toward Wardynski, the hunter backed farther away onto a side trail where he watched the bear return to the chore of dragging out his buck.

As for the antlers, Wardynski Facebook post simply read, “Would really like to recover the antlers, but will give her space.”

Probably a smart move.


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