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Winchester Announces Expedition Big Game

Winchester Announces Expedition Big Game

Winchester has announced the impending release of its new Expedition Big Game, which is designed, as you might expect, exclusively to tackle some of North America's largest game animals.

The on-the-nose name continues a recent trend among Winchester products, joining the likes of Deer Season XP, Razor Back XT and Varmint X.

Expedition Big Game includes the Accubond CT bullet technology. Accubond CT bullets feature a polymer tip, bonded alloy lead core and Lubalox coating to deliver expansion and deep penetration.

“Everything Winchester does, from bullet selection to packaging, is to make the hunter’s job of choosing the right ammunition easy and straightforward,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing, sales and strategy. “Loaded with the famed Accubond CT bullets, Expedition Big Game is sure to be as big a hit for big game hunters as Deer Season XP has been for deer hunters.”

Expedition Big Game will be available in the following offerings:

• .270 Win.—140 gr.
• .270 WSM—140 gr.
• 7mm Rem. Magnum—140 gr.
• 7mm WSM—160 gr.
• .30-06 SPRG—180 gr.
• 300 Win. Mag.—180 gr.
• .300 WSM—180 gr.
• .325 WSM—200 gr.
• .338 Win. Mag.—225 gr.
• .338 Lapua Mag.—300 gr.

For more information, go to Winchester.com.

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