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Watch: Moose Hit By Car, Walks Away

Vehicles use roads. Animals cross roads. And since the first "horseless carriage" rolled out of the factory, the two groups have occasionally met in a grizzly fashion. That much, everyone knows. Heck, reports have estimated that collisions with deer alone cause as many as 200 deaths a year, and do close to $4 Billion in damage.

But, though the whitetail deer remains the nation's primary culprit, other big game species do sometimes get caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The video embedded above, which was allegedly filmed in the Eagles Nest Wilderness in Colorado, is such an example. The driver of a Jeep, apparently not noticing the roadside moose or the series of vehicles that had pulled over to observe the wildlife, hits a moose, full on. The Jeep, as you might imagine, takes a beating—though its occupants remained largely unhurt. What's surprising, though, is that the moose proceeded to pick itself up and trot off. We won't dare say that it left unscathed—the poor thing gets absolutely pummeled by the SUV. Hopefully any injuries it sustained aren't life threatening.

You can check things out for yourself with the video embedded above. It is, at the very least, a reminder to remain extra vigilant when driving through areas that game animals are known to roam.


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