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8 Guns That Cost More Than a Car


A check for $40,000 will buy a pretty nice car and in some places even a house. At the Safari Club International (SCI) Convention, it will get you a double rifle—but only if you’re not willing to pay for one with a six-digit price tag.

The annual SCI Convention has long been known for its displays of high-dollar firearms, and this year’s gathering in Las Vegas—the 44th in the organization’s history—is no exception. Here you’ll find hundreds of examples of rifles and shotguns with stunning stocks, extravagant engraving, precious metal inlays and finely tuned actions from iconic names like Holland & Holland, Purdey and Rigby.

These firearms are the best of the best. Most of them are made to order based on the customer’s wishes and are truly one of a kind. In some ways, they are more art than tool, and they represent the epitome of centuries of gun-making craft. Gun companies are happy to take your order at the convention, but make sure you don’t need a new vehicle or house first.

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