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How to Take Better Trophy Shots

How to Take Better Trophy Shots

With our annual “Members’ Best” photo contest gearing up, we thought we’d give you a few tips to take your pictures to the next level, perhaps even to the pages of American Hunter magazine next June.

• Start with a clean lens. Use a cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints, dirt and dust.

Lighting: Dawn and dusk are best. The sun should be at the photographer’s back. Wait for cloud cover during midday sun or use the flash to distribute light evenly.

• Use a tripod or rock. A stable camera will take a sharper image.

• Make sure the animal looks respectable. Wipe off excessive blood, hide the tongue on big game and position your animal with photos in mind (tuck the legs, spread a wing or fan).

• Take photos in the field, not on your tailgate.

• Utilize the “Rule of Thirds.” Imagine dividing your photo into thirds horizontally and vertically. The imaginary lines intersect at four points; this is where the subject or focal point of the photo should be.

• Photograph from eye level or lower. Avoid “busy” backgrounds.

• Keep the camera rolling. Digital images cost nothing, so take a few more. You might surprise yourself.

Most important: Be it a smart phone or DSLR, learn your camera and its functions!

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