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First Look: Beretta 692

First Look: Beretta 692

Beretta is known for its high-quality over/under shotguns that flood game fields and clay ranges throughout the world. Its latest model, the 692, is a feature-laced over/under that’s been modified for serious clay shooters—but it’s also deadly in the field. Here are six things you need to know about the 692.

1. The low-profile receiver is superior for shotgunning
One reason why Beretta over/unders win championships stems from their low-profile actions that allow a shooter’s head, shoulder, hands and sight plane to form linear line toward the target. This makes the gun more conducive to instinctive-style shooting. The design also forces recoil straight back into the shoulder—rather than causing the muzzle to flip—which reduces recoil and allows shooters faster and more accurate follow-ups.

2. The larger action increases durability and mitigates recoil.
Compared to the venerable 686, the 692’s action is slightly thicker. Serious clay shooters put thousands of rounds through guns; the more steel, the more robust the action. Its added weight also decreases felt recoil.

3. The weighted stock inserts adjust balance.
The 692’s walnut stock harbors weighted washers—Beretta calls them wads—that subtly shift the gun’s point of balance. Top-level shooters are very sensitive to their gun’s balance, sometimes using lead tape to alter it. The 692’s system is simple, clean and effective.  

4. The adjustable trigger customizes the gun.
While most hunters don’t dally with triggers, most would likely shoot slightly better if they did. Lighter trigger pulls decrease the chance of the shooter pulling the barrel off swing at the most critical moment—the follow-through.

5. The ejection and extraction is adjustable.
Some shooters prefer a robust ejector that sends hulls screaming over their shoulder and out of their lives, while others prefer a simple extraction so they can quickly remove them from the chambers with the left hand and drop them into a pouch. This new shotgun grants the option.

6. The optional B-Fast comb tailors stock fit.
Perhaps the most important feature for any competition shotgun is a perfect fit—but it should be an important consideration for hunters, too. As an option, Beretta’s B-Fast comb system easily adjusts for drop-at-comb and cast.


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