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First Look: Easton Archery Travel Case

First Look: Easton Archery Travel Case

Archery hunters who fly the friendly skies should check out the new Deluxe Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Case from Easton Archery, a travel case for your bow-hunting equipment that will also tote a good deal of your hunting gear. Here are five things you need to know.

1. It's available in two sizes.
The Roller Bow Case is available in two sizes, 36” L x 15” W or 39” L x 15” W, and is compatible with the Easton Deluxe 33” Arrow case and the Case Cube (sold separately).

2. Your bow is secured.
To keep the bow securely anchored, Easton incorporated a double seatbelt system to hold your bow plus other gear. There are also three internal accessory pockets that can hold a variety of tools or gear.

3. It offers heavy-duty protection.
Don’t let the soft sides fool you. Easton built the case around a heavy-duty EVA foam pad with hard shell inserts all around the edges. The fabric is a high-density denier, complimented with large, strong YTK Zippers. There’s also a Travel Cover (sold separately) to further protect and reinforce the case; Easton recommends using this cover when flying.

4. It's easy to handle.
The case has not two but three roller wheels to better balance out the load when tooling through airports, parking lots, etc. The roller wheels glide nicely, and are easily replaceable with just an Allen wrench, should one break.

5. You won't be hurting for space.
Even with your bow and archery accessories strapped in, there’s still a good deal of room left in the case, which Easton did on purpose. Pack in your hunting camo, other clothes and gear, to provide extra cushion to your bow—and maybe let you get away with just this one checked bag, saving you airline bag fees.

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