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Gear: Beak-Busting Duck and Goose Calls for any Budget

Gear: Beak-Busting Duck and Goose Calls for any Budget

Sure-Shot Yentzen One
Sure-Shot has taken the proven design of the Classic Yentzen Caller to the next level with the new Yentzen One. George Yentzen’s true double-reed system is housed in a CNC-machined body made from a proprietary material Sure-Shot claims is the loudest and strongest on the market. Screw-Lock design means no o-rings and an air-tight seal so you can blow this call even when wet. MSRP: $156.

Flextone Hail Mary
Need to go long and loud to reach distant mallards? Toss ’em a few notes from the Hail Mary Single Reed from Flextone, and this “last resort” will become a standard tool in your open-water playbook. The 1.5-inch single-reed requires a bit more voice, but it chuckles easily and quacks like the nastiest birds with more tone variation than its double-reed teammates. It wears a Realtree AP camo jersey. MSRP: $30.

Cabela’s Northern Flight SLG
The SL in Cabela’s Northern Flight SLG Canada goose call stands for “second language;” after all, it pays to be multilingual when anything from small cacklers to giants can come into your spread. Short-reed design allows tremendous pitch ranges, and fast pick-up lets you to go from a low growl to high-reaching honks and pops, all with little air pressure. MSRP: $99.

Flambeau Storm Front Ice Box
The Storm Front Ice Box duck call from Flambeau will put birds in the freezer whether you’re hunting flooded timber or open water. Double-reed design produces soft quacks and feed chuckles and those loud and nasty comeback calls for high-circling birds. Here’s a made-in-America, polycarbonate call at a bargain price. MSRP: $20.

Duck Commander Jase Robertsen Pro Series
The Jase Robertson Pro Series from Duck Commander is built with a smaller chamber and new double-reed design that produces more vibration with less air. Jase proclaims its the easiest-blowing call the boys have ever made. And because it’s hand tuned by one of the duckmen in West Monroe, La., you know it’ll be one of the duckiest calls in the swamps. MSRP: $54.

Zink NOS Polycarbonate
Easier to blow due to its longer overall length, the Nightmare on Stage Canada goose call from Zink has been bringing honkers into range since its creation. Now, with a molded polycarbonate body, this competition-winning design can be had for a fraction of the cost of its acrylic brethren. “Worn-in” tone channel system and short-reed design create perfect low-end tones, and let you rip loud and fast with minimal effort; three colors. MSRP: $37-$69.

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