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Woman Attacked by Duck Files $275,000 Lawsuit

Woman Attacked by Duck Files $275,000 Lawsuit

Cynthia Ruddell of Washougal, Oregon, says she'd just stepped out of her motor home on May 7, 2012, when a neighbor's pet duck viciously attacked her. According to Ruddell's lawyer, the clearly undisciplined duck "flapped its wings at her and knocked her back." As Ruddell attempted to escape the crazed white bird, she fell backward, causing her to break her right wrist in two places, sprain her elbow and injure her rotator cuff. A rather unfortunate series of events, no?

Ruddell was understandably upset. Those are serious injuries. And, according to her lawyer, neighbors had previously "indicated this duck was a crazy duck that attacked kids at the school bus stop and other people before." So, perhaps the duck's owner, Lolita Rose, warranted a talking to. Instead Ruddell has chosen to sue her to the tune of $275,000.

I have so many questions.

I've suffered injuries over the years that were similar in nature to Ruddell's, though they did not occur simultaneously and none involved ducks. Is the pain and suffering of her injuries truly worth upwards of a quarter million dollars?

Does the typical owner of a pet duck have access to $275,000?

Did the duck continue attacking Ruddell after she fell down, or did it seek medical help?

Ducks have caused me much pain and suffering over the years: Flaring just as the shot was called; buzzing the decoys when my back was turned; or just plain not showing up at all. Who can I sue?

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