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NRA is No. 1 Organization for Hunters

NRA is No. 1 Organization for Hunters

undefinedAs another great NRA show comes to a close, once again I'm leaving the event feeling like I just attended the best family reunion. When I stopped at the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) booth on my way out today, the WSF's Kim Nieters was saying the very same thing. shared my sentiments. As we talked about how great it is having like-minded fellow gun owners, hunters, shooters, conservationists and constitutionalists all under one roof, we honed in on how the NRA is the one unifying voice for all hunters and all hunting and conservation organizations.

Of course, talk of hunting organizations leads to talk of hunting! I'm excited to say she and her daughter will be two of the newest hunters joining our hunting ranks this fall. Here is yet another case of how women represent the fastest growing segment of the hunting population. Considering her excitement over the NRA and hunting, I have no doubt she will be one of the first women I run into at the 2nd Annual NRA Women's New Energy Breakfast at next year's NRA annual meeting in Nashville next May. If you're there next year, be sure to ask her how her hunt went. Kim is about to learn how hunting changes your life in the most wonderful and unexpected ways!

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