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Sasquatch Sighting in British Columbia?

Sasquatch Sighting in British Columbia?

The summer season means more hikers, and more hikers means more crazy stories—like our latest "Bigfoot" sighting, this time out of Mission, British Columbia.

According to a report from FOX News, a YouTube user has recently uploaded a video that shows a furry black figure poking around in the brush before disappearing from sight. The video's not quite 30 seconds long, and seems like it may have been recorded using a mobile device.

I'm going to have to call hoax on this one. The footage, while not very clear, looks more like a human wearing a shaggy suit and awkwardly trying to get noticed than an imposing resident of the forest.

Suffice to say the fascination with this almost certainly mythical woodland creature isn't going anywhere—I've mentioned it a couple of times in this very blog, when entertaining enough stories have come across my desk:

• Last fall I shared the story of a supposed 'squatch sighting in Utah that looked an awful more like a bear—though it's hard to even call the animal that, given the poor quality of the video.

• Meanwhile, there's an ongoing hunt for Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest that could be worth up to $1 million for the lucky party that produces evidence of the beast's existence. It's sponsored by Olympia Beer, out of Washington.

I'm sure it won't be long before I'm sharing another tale of a close encounter. The video of this most recent "sighting" is embedded below. Give it a look and decide for yourself what's been mulling around the forest in British Columbia.

Oh, and if it is just a person in a suit, kudos to them for being that brave (and probably stupid)—dressing up in a furry suit and stomping around the woods is a pretty good way to inadvertently find yourself in the sights of a terrified local.

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