Make the Most of October Cold Fronts

It may start to feel like fall this month, but many deer hunters still find little to no luck in the woods. Here’s how to make the most of your time when the rut is still weeks away.

Mistakes of a Mountain Buck Hunter

Still haven't tagged out this season? Here are a few mistakes you may be making.

How to Choose a Rifle for Your Mountain Hunt

It doesn’t matter what you're doing, if you're doing it in the mountains then “weight” will probably have an influence on your success or failure. This includes your deer rifle.

The Patterning Process: Part II

Field Editor Bill Winke shares the results of his fall 2015 patterning efforts.

Light Projectiles with a Big Punch: DRT's Terminal Shock Muzzleloader Bullets

A 170-grain muzzleloader projectile for whitetail? Field Editor Brian McCombie couldn't resist trying out the latest offering from Dynamic Research Technologies.

The Patterning Process: Part I

For Field Editor Bill Winke, patterning (or the attempt to pattern) is the most enjoyable part of the season.

Into the Timber for Whitetails

After several years of study in “whitetail university” among the oak-covered landscape of his small piece of Kansas, the author has learned two valuable lessons: The deer do the teaching, and he’s a pretty dumb student.

Ohio Police Officers Save Bucks from Cistern

Bucks can turn up in the most darnedest place during the rut—but it's not often that you see something like this.

Your Post-Opening Day Playbook

Opening day has come and gone. What now? Frank Miniter offers a few pointers.

AH Exclusive: Bill Winke on Checking Your Trail Cameras

American Hunter Field Editor Bill Winke offers a few tips regarding the placement of your trail cameras during hunting season.

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