Top Deer Gear 2016: Deer Hunter's Tool Kit

Be their tails white or black, be they donkey-eared with wide crowns or basket-racked desert dwellers, the pursuit of deer across this land is as American as it gets. Here’s a look at the new gear that will get you there, keep you there and, we hope, return home stained a little red.

Hardware: Styrka S7

Hunters have so many good choices in mid-priced binoculars these days that arguing brands is as pointless as engaging in the ol’ .308 vs. .30-06 debate. The crowded and competitive nature of the $300-$800 bino market is a great thing for buyers—but not necessarily sellers. And so when I heard a new company named Styrka had entered the business, I had to question its approach. What more could Styrka offer in a bino with a street price of about $650 that’s not already available?


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