400 Legend Super Suppressed

New for 2024: Winchester 400 Legend Power Point and Super Suppressed Ammunition

During the 2023 NRA Annual Meeting, Winchester debuted its 400 Legend cartridge in its Power Point line, as a beefier straight wall alternative to its flagship 350 Legend.

A Century and a Half of Winchester Ammo

In this, its 150th year in business, the history of Winchester firearms is well known. After all, “The gun that won the west” was a Winchester, the Model 1873. The Winchester Model 70 is known as the “Rifleman’s Rifle” and the Model 1894 is perhaps the most successful sporting rifle in history. The company also shook up the scattergun market with classic shotguns like the Model 1897, Model 21 and Model 12. The raw truth, however, is that none of these guns could have made their mark in history without ammo to shoot out of them. It’s kind of the red-headed stepchild in terms of glory and glamor, but Winchester has been in the ammo business as long as they have been in the gun business.

Bullet Bio: Winchester Power-Point

The Power-Point was developed by Winchester in the 1960s. It is not a fancy bullet. But next to the Remington Core-Lokt, the Power-Point has probably killed more deer than any of its peers.


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