Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Little Big Mouth Bugle Tube

A 75-percent sized version of the Wapiti Whacker, the Little Big Mouth still has plenty of features to speak of.

World Elk Calling Championships: Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Dominate the Competition

Competitors using Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls brought their A-game to the 2019 World Elk Calling Championship, taking top spots in multiple divisions.

Predator Hunting: How to Use a Mouse Squeaker

Here’s how to best use one of the least-used predator calls: the mouse squeaker.

Photos: Texas Predator Hunt with Federal Premium, Savage Arms and Bushnell

Assistant Editor Connor McKibbin recently had the opportunity to join Federal Premium, Savage Arms and Bushnell in Texas to test Federal’s new .224 Valkyrie cartridge—the world’s first cartridge to remain supersonic at 1300 yards, designed specifically for AR-15s.

Western Rivers Releases Stalker 360

The game call specialists at Western Rivers have announced that they're now shipping the company's new Stalker 360 model.

The Coyote Caller’s Playbook

Here the author offers up tips on how to lure in predators that have learned prey-in-distress calls are too good to be true.

Johnny Stewart Estrus Whimper Call

The Estrus Whimper, the newest call from Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls, perfectly replicates all of the sounds of a female coyote during breeding season.


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