Cascade Varmint Hunter Lede

New for 2024: CVA Cascade Varmint Hunter Rifle

CVA has introduced its Cascade Varmint Hunter rifle. Tailor-made for varmint hunting specialists, the Cascade Varmint Hunter features a medium-heavy barrel contour and a fully featured stock with a flat, wide fore-end and customizable length-of-pull (LOP).

CVA Announces Voluntary Recall for CVA Crossfire with Burnt Bronze / Nitride Barrel

CVA has identified a concern related to the welds between the barrel and barrel lug on a limited number of Crossfire rifles featuring Burnt Bronze Cerakote/Nitride barrels.

First Look: CVA Scout Pistol in 350 Legend

Kinsey's Inc. has announced the release of an exclusive CVA Scout Pistol in 350 Legend, based around a reliable, single-shot, break-action design.

First Look: CVA Crossfire Muzzleloader

CVA has announced the introduction of the Crossfire muzzleloading rifle. Developed for use with the Federal’s patented FireStick ignition system, the Crossfire promises to be easy to load, easy to shoot, and easy to unload at the end of a day in the field.

Hardware: CVA Cascade XT

The new XT (X-Treme) is CVA’s precision-oriented rifle in the company’s popular Cascade rifle series, and boasts several features that make it an ideal multipurpose hunting rifle. 

#SundayGunday: CVA Paramount HTR

Get a closer look at the CVA Paramount HTR, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series.

New for 2023: CVA Paramount Pro V2

CVA has released a new model of the Paramount Pro for 2023, termed the Paramount Pro V2. The muzzleloader utilizes the same VariFlame Breech Plug adapter as its predecessors, allowing it to use large-rifle primers for consistent ignition of what CVA terms "super-magnum" charges.

#SundayGunday: CVA Cascade XT

Get a closer look at the CVA Cascade XT, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series.

CVA Announces Cascade XT Bolt-Action Rifle

CVA has announced the Cascade XT (X-Treme), a bolt-action rifle that sports weight-reducing barrel fluting and a radial muzzle break as standard equipment.

Hardware: CVA Paramount HTR

With its hunting-style stock, adjustable comb and premium Bergara barrel, the .40-caliber CVA Paramount HTR is capable of producing centerfire velocities previously thought unattainable from a muzzleloader.

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