Stocks: Synthetic vs. Wood

Perhaps the single most noticeable change in firearms over the last 15 to 20 years has been the proliferation of synthetic stocks. But are they a superior product?

How to Spot-and-Stalk Black Bears

Here are a few tips for a successful spot-and-stalk black bear hunt.

5 Tips for Buying Used Guns

Here are a few tips to guide you through the process of purchasing a used gun to ensure you make the correct decision.

5 Reasons to Shoot An Antlerless Deer

Despite what your friends may say, there are plenty of reasons to shoot a doe. So the next time you show up to the check-station with a slick-head in tow, drop the tailgate with pride knowing these five things.

Stick It: A Guide to Shooting Sticks

All hunters know the value of a good rest when the time comes to take, and make, the shot. If you're in open country, there's no substitute for shooting sticks.

How to Select the Best Choke for Your Hunting Situation

Rifle hunters are well versed in the importance of sighting-in, but most smooth-bore hunters have never patterned their shotgun—and that means they have no real idea how it performs.

Ode to the .22

Anything chambered in the venerable .22 is a perfect rifle for beginners, and can help seasoned shooters stay sharp. Ken Bailey takes a look at what's helped make the .22 such an important part of our industry's history.

Hunting Ethics and You

When hunting discussions evolve into conversations about ethics, most of us jump into the fray willingly, espousing our own viewpoints to whoever’s listening, often with a sense of moral superiority. But do we really walk the talk when it comes to our decisions in the field?


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