Media Matters: The R3 Power of TV And Film

With media consumption and its influence at an all-time high, positive Hollywood-depictions of hunting may provide a way to introduce new hunters to our ranks.

Shoot in 'The Zone' To Conquer Buck Fever

“Buck fever” is often spoke of as something to be avoided, but this hunter’s-high is what keeps us coming back. Learn these techniques to manage the thrill.

Why Hunt?

Despite what the anti-hunting crowd would like non-hunters to believe, the ethos of hunting is rooted in something far deeper than trophies.

An Accurate Psychology Of Hunting

Studies show that while 79 percent of Americans support ethical hunting, the number of hunters in the United States today is about the same as 50 years ago when there were half as many people. Why don’t more people hunt?

‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ Hits the Bullseye

Rather than accept another move, foster kid Ricky escapes to the wilds of New Zealand with his “Uncle Hec” (Sam Neill). On the lam in the backcountry during a national manhunt, the old man and the boy hunt, live off the land and overcome their differences to survive as a family.


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