Botswana Removes Hunting Ban

On May 23, after a five-year ban, the Botswana government officially lifted the country’s indefinite moratorium on hunting put in place by former Botswana President Ian Khama in 2014.

African Experience: Episode 18

Learn what an “own use” elephant permit is, and how this vital conservation tool used by Namibia’s game managers benefits elephants, their habitat and the native people who share that habitat alongside big game.

Elephant's Cape Buffalo Attack Caught on Camera

While on vacation in Masai Mara, Kenya, amateur photographer Kim Maurer captured these rare images of a Cape buffalo being gored and heaved into the air by an elephant.

Kenya Conducts World’s Largest Ivory Burn

How many elephants does it take to create a pyre of ivory in excess of 100 tons? Ask Kenya, which today burned 105 tons of confiscated illegal ivory tusks, ivory products and rhino horns in the capital city of Nairobi in what is said to be the largest ivory burn in world history.

Cameroon Officials Torch 2,000 Poached Elephant Tusks

Burning ceremony of 2,000 elephant tusks and other illegally-traded wildlife products may mark the largest ivory burn in African history.

Houston Safari Club Takes On HBO’s ‘Real Sports’

HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” aired a report Nov. 24, 2015, that focused on dwindling numbers of the African elephant. The episode focused needed attention on poaching as a primary cause of the animal’s decline, but in doing so also linked regulated hunting with poaching, confusing viewers who otherwise are ignorant of the issues.

Hunting in the Tracks of Selous

In the early 1870s, famous hunter Frederick Courteney Selous—then in his early 20s—obtained permission from King Lobengula of the Matabele to hunt for ivory in the area west of the Gwai River, northward toward Victoria Falls. His legendary adventures are well documented in his 1881 book. American Hunter contributor Philip Massaro recently decided to follow in Selous' footsteps and craft his own African adventure.

Top 10 African Game Animals

Man, how do you possibly rank the top ten African game animals? Contributor Philip Massaro is going to try.

Elephant Poachers in Tanzania Murder British Pilot Who Was Fighting to Bring Them to Justice

According to USA Today and worldwide social media posts, elephant poachers in Tanzania have killed British helicopter pilot Roger Gower, who was working with the Texas-based Friedkin Conservation Fund and Tanzanian wildlife authorities to stop them in their tracks.

A Man’s Gun

Have we found the ultimate "Man's Gun?" You never quite know what's going to turn up on your desk when you work in this industry.

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