Steel And X Model Int 360 Buckhammer

New for 2023: Henry Rifles Chambered in .360 Buckhammer

With .360 Buckhammer rolling out nationwide, Henry is bringing its first rifles chambered for the new caliber to market with the Henry Steel Lever Action in .360 Buckhammer and the Henry Lever Action X Model in .360 Buckhammer.

Magnum Research Announces the .360 Buckhammer BFR

Magnum Research has announced the first handgun to be offered in Remington’s .360 Buckhammer cartridge.

Redding Reloading Equipment Adds Die Set for .360 Buckhammer

Redding Reloading Equipment introduces a 3-Die Set for the .360 Buckhammer.

First Look: Remington .360 Buckhammer

Remington’s new .360 Buckhammer straight-wall cartridge is optimized for lever-action rifles, deadly and accurate out to 200-plus yards.


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