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Guns Damaged by Fire

Is a rifle that has been in a structure fire safe to shoot?

Walnut Rifle Stocks

What's the difference between American walnut and French walnut?

Barrel Break-In

It's not an exact science, but figure on shooting several boxes of ammo and running through dozens of cleaning patches to break in a new rifle barrel.

Hammer-Forged Barrels

Learn about hammer forging and how it makes a difference when it comes to your rifle's barrel.

Twilight Factor

Here's one easy way to determine a scope's potential performance in low-light conditions.

Adjustable Sights

Rifle not shooting where you want it with iron sights? Follow these steps for adjustment.

First Aid for Bleeding

Follow these steps to stop a severe cut from bleeding in the field.

Reduced-Recoil Loads

Shoot more comfortably with these reduced-recoil loads from four ammo makers.

Glass Bedding

Bedding the barreled action of a rifle can improve accuracy.

How to Properly Treat a Cut in the Field

No matter how small the cut, it's important to stop the bleeding and treat the wound properly.

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