Head to Head: 22 Nosler vs. .224 Valkyrie

The 22 Nosler and .224 Valkyrie are both viable for long-range shooting and run at very similar velocities, so which gets the nod?

Top 9 New Non-AR-15s for 2017

A quick review of 2017 reveals that it was the again the year of the AR-15. But, looks can be deceiving. Here are nine new ARs that fire something other than 5.56 NATO.

CMMG Announces Rifle Line Chambered in 22 Nosler

22 Nosler made its debut earlier this year at SHOT Show 2017, and rifle manufacturers haven't hesitated to embrace it—most recently CMMG, which has announced the arrival of a new line of rifles chambered in the cartridge.

Hardware: 22 Nosler

The 22 Nosler carries more energy with less bullet drop to long-range prairie dogs and groundhogs.

Introducing the 33 Nosler

Fourth in line of Nosler’s proprietary cartridges, the 2017 Shot Show saw the 33 Nosler’s release.

Meet the 22 Nosler

Nosler has been on a tear in recent years, releasing a new proprietary cartridge each year for the last four. This year there are two, the .33 Nosler and the .22 Nosler.


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