Video: Bear Attacks Deer in Colorado Family's Yard

Video of a young black bear trying to prey on a deer in a Colorado family's back yard has gone viral.

Bear Eats Alaskan Woman's Kayak, Ignores Her Protests

Revenge is a dish best served immediately.

Watch: Spooked Bear Nearly Tramples Turkey Hunter

Where does a couple hundred pound black bear go? Wherever it wants.

Watch: Bear Opens Car Door, Scares Tourists

In a video posted to YouTube last week, a curious black bear opens the passenger door of a car—with a family of tourists still very much inside.

Trail Camera Footage: Black Bear Catches Wild Hog

A trail camera at California's Tejon Ranch Conservancy has captured must-see footage of a black bear attacking a sounder of wild pigs.

Video: Bear Relaxes in Hot Tub, Drinks Margarita

Summer is the time to kick back, relax and enjoy a cold margarita—whether you’re a human or a bear.

Watch: Intense Bear Fight Caught on Camera

The bears stalked each other around a Finnish forest for several hours before brawling right in front of nature photographer Tero Pylkkänen, who recorded the encounter.

Bear Goes Back to School, Gets Tranquilized

A Florida black bear made a surprise visit to an elementary school campus earlier this week near Fort Myers.

Video: Home Security Camera Catches Bear Dragging Deer Across Backyard

Footage of a black bear dragging a deer through your backyard probably isn't what you'd expect to see on your home security camera.

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