Bookshelf: 3 Must-Read Books for Summer 2017

Looking to beef up the library? Here are three new books that are well worth your time.

Recipe: Ginger Vension

The ingredients in this ginger venison roast easily mask any undesirable “gamey” taste that may be present every time—it's virtually foolproof.

Recipe: Wild Turkey Soup

Though wild turkey is revered as a top quarry among American hunters, it’s often under-utilized as table fare. This recipe creates a gastronomic delight out of much-maligned meat.

Recipe: Venison Egg Rolls

This venison egg roll recipe is easy to make and impressively delicious.

A Bull Elk’s Secret

Understanding how elk utilize terrain directs you to great ambush sites, but not spooking them is just as important. Here’s how to avoid being detected, and what to do if you are.

4 Questions You Should Never Ask a Backcountry Outfitter

By avoiding these questions, your outfitter won't have to second-guess your woods savvy.

Recipe: Venison Chili

Chili is a great way to utilize ground venison, and the ingredients in this recipe will transform any "gamey" taste that may be present to one that anyone will savor.

Are Neck Shots on Big Game a Good Idea?

A common item of discussion among big-game hunters is proper bullet placement. All of us agree a vital area must be the target, but that includes several options, and while neck shots can be extremely effective, they can also fail miserably.

Ticks and Chiggers 101

Just the thought of ticks or chiggers is enough to make a grown man cringe in horror, but knowledge, preventive measures and common sense will help hunters avoid them.

Pronghorn: Easiest Big-Game Hunt in North America?

Given the advantages of the open country they live in and the vast public lands they occupy, pronghorn are perfect quarry for new hunters or those who want a fascinating hunting experience.

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