Getting Started in Handloading

It is easy to get started reloading. The best way is to have an experienced friend show you how, or to take a class.

The AR-10

DPMS President Randy Luth used one of his company’s AR-10 offerings, a Panther LR-260L chambered in .260 Rem., to make a 330-yard shot on his sheep hunt.

Black Gun, Camo Heart

The AR-15 is evolving, and so is hunters’ view of it.

Popular AR-15 Cartridges

Let's take a look at some of the most popular AR-15 cartridges.

The Barnes X-Bullet Family

Every now and then a new bullet comes along that redefines what we think we know about hunting projectiles.

Trophy Bonded Bear Claw Family

When shooting bigger game, sometimes traditional bullets don't cut it. Step on up to the Bonded Bear Claw Family.

Hornady GMX

Hornady’s version of a monolithic, solid metal, expanding bullet is called the GMX, which stands for Gilding Metal eXpanding.

Trophy Bonded Tip

Traditional bullets made for deer hunting don’t always cut it when shooting bigger game.

Hunting Sunburned Ducks

When the weather is more suited to sunbathing than waterfowling, hunters must adapt or get burned.

Shotgun or Muzzleloader?

The choices hunters face when hunting whitetails where rifles are not an option can be confounding.

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