Into the Timber for Whitetails

After several years of study in “whitetail university” among the oak-covered landscape of his small piece of Kansas, the author has learned two valuable lessons: The deer do the teaching, and he’s a pretty dumb student.

Deer Hunting: Win the Lockdown Battle

Here are three ways to ensure you don’t get locked out when bucks and does lock up this fall.

Hunt Bucks as Individuals

Using his personal property as a laboratory to study individual buck behavior, the author has made some eye-popping discoveries. Even if the area you hunt is nothing like his, his findings might help you better understand your quarry.

Heat-Wave Strategies for Pre-Rut Bucks

Pre-rut whitetails can be as fickle as the early-fall weather. When your hot spots are too hot to touch, try these strategies to wallop warm-weather bucks.


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