Stranded in the Okavango Swamps

Roaring lions, monster crocs, blood-sucking leeches and some bush-league solutions to get out of a jam are all part of being stuck in Africa.

25 Things Every Hunter Should Know

Everything from offroad driving to backcountry first-aid—25 skills you just can't do without.

Pronghorns on Sunday

Not every state allows Sunday hunting, which made Assistant Editor Jon Draper's Wyoming pronghorn hunt all the more memorable.

Literature: The Lionized Tiger Hunter

How Jim Corbett took on man-eating tigers.

Member's Hunt: Antelope Therapy

This latest Member's Hunt comes from Lance Powlison of Oregon City, Oregon.

The Final Chapter

A tale of two old men, and one fabulous rifle.

Imposing Presence

If you can remain calm when an Alaska brown bear charges within feet of you, check your heart … and your sanity.

Adventure? Yeah!

The truth about the glamorous life of a gun and hunting writer.

Member's Hunt: The 10th Day Dall

Ted Borowski, Jr. wanted a Dall sheep—and he knew that meant he'd have to put in the time. Check out his story in this latest Member's Hunt.

Elephant on the Galana

An elephant license and 50 miles along the Galana River to hunt Kenya’s famed elephant country were pretty special back in 1970.

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