How to Put the Sneak on Elk and Elk Hunters

If you think you’ll have elk country to yourself, think again. It’s as crowded as ever. To be successful these days, you have to get downright diabolical. Here’s how to do it.

The Right Elk Stuff

Finding habitat that actually holds elk is only one part of the equation. Learning to bounce around it strategically is the key factor to success.

Footwork: When to Walk and When to Run for Elk

Elk hunting is a lot like life. You need to realize when to run and when to walk to seize an opportunity.

Hot Weather Elk Tactics

Nothing kills daytime elk activity like hot weather. But if you use the right tactics, a heat wave can be a fiery time to bag a bull.

8 Tips for a Successful DIY Elk Hunt

The most successful DIY elk hunters are those who are intimately familiar with the quarry’s habits and employ different strategies, depending on the situation. Here are eight tips that will increase your odds of tagging a bull on public land.


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